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Collection of Documentation for a Thesis

When the abstract has already been written, it will need to be revised and amended. It contains everything, that is, all 120 sheets written must fit in 20 sheets of this essay. Next, you need to go to pre-defense. It invites employees of the laboratory and department where the postgraduate student is studying, as well as employees from other laboratories and institutes.

After that, the person needs to tell their written work. It's like a preliminary hearing for 15 minutes. At this seminar, the task of those present is to find errors and offer a variant of their correction. Also present are members of the dissertation council, where the graduate student will defend himself. After that, an amended opinion is issued. Before the defense, three exams will be required , in English, philosophy and in the direction in which the candidate will defend.

After the defense, you will need to collect documents, the list of them is large, within 6 months you will have to collect papers, put signatures, seals and similar things. What kind of samples do you need?

  • Copies of the diploma certified by a notary.

  • Feedback from the supervisor.

  • Characteristics from the place of work.

  • Autobiography

  • Copies of the dissertation.

  • Copy of abstract.

  • Photo.

  • Personnel sheet.

  • Employment history.

  • Anti-plagiarism check.

In general, everything will have to be scanned and all publications completed, and it will all take a decent amount of time for all fees. The next thing to do is to give it to the secretary of the dissertation council, and he will tell you what to do next. The next step is to set a date for the consideration of the defense, at which the council will consider the work and decide whether the work is ready. A graduate student must first find three members of the dissertation council, these persons will have to read the work and recommend it for defense in the council.

And within at least 14 days, the work of a graduate student will be read and after that a conclusion is written, and again after 2 weeks the work is accepted. Further, it is necessary to agree on the presence of opponents, these people should not work with a graduate student and cannot be connected by any family or other relationships.

Having done all the necessary work, the meeting begins, at which the thesis itself is loaded, and from that moment on, the graduate student can no longer correct anything in it. Then print the abstract with a circulation of about 100 pieces, if there is a color printer in the laboratory, then it is possible in it. And if not, then in the printing house, and the graduate student does it all at his own expense. And 2 plagiarism checks will also have to pay personal funds.

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